Unconventional Travel Tips You Might Not Have Thought Of

Every time we go travelling, we learn something new and adapt the way we live when we are moving abroad. This is a list of some techniques and tips we use as well as those we have heard about from other travellers:

1. For expensive items you own, like an expensive camera, stick some duct tape onto a part of it.

That way the item looks broken and nobody will want to steal it!

Camera, Olympus, Digital Camera, Black And White

2. Roll up clothes in your luggage, this saves on space over folding.

Also it allows you to quickly grab something if you can arrange clothes in one layer, rathen than having to lift up a whole pile to reach the bottom. Alternative: Fold everything flat when you first pack for a trip and roll on the way back = Free space to buy more souvenirs.

3. Never put anything valuable in your back pocket (money, keys, phone etc.)

Things are more likely to get stolen and it’s can also be mega uncomfortable if you sit on e.g. keys.

4. Don’t look like a tourist.

Depends where you are of course, but you seem like less of a target to thieves if you can blend in with everybody else.

Owl, Photographer, Photograph, Tourist, Binoculars

5. Carry a small laundry bag for dirty clothes or designate a pocket in your bag.

Getting a separate bag means that you know for sure what is clean and what isn’t! We’ve found that it also encourages you to wash your clothes more as well, which can only be a good thing!

6. Take photos on your phone of any important travel documents and upload it to a storage site like Google Photos, in case something happens to your phone.

Google Photos gives you free unlimited photo storage. If you have a high quality camera, Flickr is also good for giving you a free terabyte of storage if you sign up to a free Yahoo account.

Smartphone, Cellphone, Apple I Phone, Mobile

7. Eat local street food of wherever you are travelling to.

After travelling a bit you’ll be able to tell when you’re in areas that are meant for tourists (they’re usually more expensive) and ones where locals go. You get to try new experiences that will always remind you of that specific time or place and those are some of the best travel memories.

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8. Make the most of shopping in a new country.

Stuff in one country can cost way different amounts to the country next door. In Europe the prices in Lidl supermarkets vary country to country. Make the most of spending say the equvelant of £8 on Havanna White Rum in Italy, compared to £18 in the UK. Try new things that are cheaper, that you normally might not spend money on.

9. Get a universal adaptor and power bank.

These adaptors are great if you travel all around the world. The one that we have also has two additional USB ports, which is neat and very useful. The power banks can also charge your phone multiple times after your original battery has died. Anker is a really good make for this. Also if you are travelling in hostels or airports, or anywhere where there is only one socket in the wall, be that awesome person who packs an extension cord, so more than one of you can use it at once.

10. If you’re spending a long time abroad, or work online, look at getting a Huawei Mobile internet device.

This is a really neat idea from Huawei. You just insert a SIM card with data added, as you would on a phone. On Three, for example, you can use their Feel at Home, as well as the EU deletion of Roaming Charges in June, to use internet just like at home. Or buy a SIM card from wherever you are and see what their plans are. It basically creates a WiFi router so up to around six devices can use it at once. *Be aware though, if you’re from the UK for example, going to Europe, there are data limits still in place*. In our case, the Three add on we bought, allow us to use up to 9GB in a month, instead of it being unlimited. In the UK though, we would have unlimited internet for the same month.

11. If a group of you are travelling and want an alternative way of communicating, consider getting a bunch of walkie talkies.

This is instead of talking through using mobile phones. As long as youre not going too far from each other, it’s cheaper to communicate on walkie talkies than on a foreign phone plan.

12. Hand gel or baby wipes can be a lifesaver if you are heading into the wild or somewhere where cleanliness isnt that great.

Either hand gel or baby wipes are great because they don’t require you to use any water to keep clean, or create any mess, like soap would.

13. Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo, or even just talc powder can be useful in a pinch if you have no access to a shower that day.

14. Solar Showers

Solar showers are an alternative to dry shampoo if you are travelling somewhere hot. The slight paradox with this is that if you are somewhere where it is hot enough for the solar shower to heat up your water, then you would probably prefer to use cold water. But even still, it is nice to have your water arranged in something that resembles a shower and has a tap. A super cheap alternative to the solar shower is a plastic bag. Fill it with water and prick several holes in the bottom. Then quickly hang it from somewhere high!

15. Microfibre towels are a space saving alternative

Microfibre towels can fold to a quarter of the size of normal towels and they also dry much faster. The only downside is that they are not as soft and fluffy to use, so much less satisfying as a towel. But the benefits for travelling outweigh this.

16. Pack a pair of earphones, even if you don’t listen to music

Besides their obvious uses, earphones can be a great help getting to sleep at night, if you can live with sleeping with something in your ears. They have saved me countless waking hours in hostels, campsites and aires when there has been a lot of loud noise going on nearby. The best variety for sleeping with them in that we have found are these from House of Marley. They are comfortable and they don’t fall out of your ears. I can even go jogging with them in, no problem. They’re not bad for listening to music with either!