Busking Europe, in the Netherlands

We had heard some interesting things about busking in the Netherlands. The main one was that you could not busk in Amsterdam at all. But our information was a few years old, so we were unsure if things had changed. Seen as we were so close in Belgium anyway, it seemed a shame to miss out on a chance to busk in the Netherlands.


The town we chose to busk was Eindhoven. It is in the south of the Netherlands and close to both Belgium and Germany. It also looked reasonably big, so we thought it might be busk-able.

After paying for the Park and Rides on the edge of the town you can get a 50 cent bus ticket. The Park and Ride cost 5 Euros for 24 hours. The return ticket said that it was good for up to 5 people! Once in the centre of town we were immediately thrown into the centre of the shopping district. It was easy to see where to busk.

Busking in Eindhoven

If there are rules for busking here, we never found them out. We tried to research the town a little, but found no busking information we could understand. There were plenty of other buskers on the streets, so we set up and played for a good while, without being bothered. Eventually we were asked to move, but only by a jewellery shop. They were very nice about it, but our amp was a bit too close to their shop.


We moved to an open square instead, down the way from a saxophone player, who seemed to sit there all day every day, saving his spot. That’s fine … Anyways, Eindhoven was a cool place to busk. There were awesome little bubble shops to play near to and the people were all really friendly. At the end of our final set a lady from a nearby shop made some coffees for us to have.

Busking in the Netherlands

Our trip here was short, we only had a few days to get through to Germany. Saying that, we would definitely come back at some point to the Netherlands and explore up further north. Everybody here was very friendly and there was a nice atmosphere in the streets to play in.